Hapulico Industry JSC News in English

Hapulico Industry JSC News in English

✓ Outdoor LED luminaires manufacturer.
✓ Street light poles manufacturer.
✓ High Mast lighting poles manufacturer.
✓ Tapered steel poles manufacturer.
✓ Brand Litec®.

Street light pole manufacturer Brand LITEC

Hot-dip galvanized street light poles is the one of key products of Litec® factory with productivity well served for customers per month is up to more than five hundred tons of product's weight equivalence about six thousand of the common street light poles height eight meters. For most of the orders, LITEC produce street light poles under customers drawings & specifications. In case customers only have some info related the street light poles for their projects, LITEC also have in-house dedicate technical team always ready free consult and support to do drawings until approved...

Street Light Pole | Road Lighting Pole | Street Lighting Columns

High Mast lighting poles

High Mast lighting is a tall tapered polygonal steel pole with lighting fixtures attached to the top aiming towards the ground and often used at places requiring lighting over a large area. Maintenance of these systems done by using an electric motor winch system which usually available integrated inside the mast to lowering the luminaries lantern carriage from the top to the base of mast to allow for easier access without disrupting traffic. We are the reputed high mast lighting poles manufacturer in Vietnam recognized under Litec® trademark and brand Hapulico Industry...


About us the Hapulico Industry Factory

Founded since 1996, we are the reputed manufacturer in Vietnam about outdoor lighting equipment and hot-dip galvanized tapered steel poles recognized under Litec® trademark and brand Hapulico Industry. The scale of our factory is larger more than fifty thousand square meters include over twenty-five thousand square meters of industrial workshops and remaining space is for internal transportation systems, yards of logistic vehicles and other support blocks…

Manufacturer of Tapered steel poles and Outdoor luminaires in Vietnam


LITEC is brand name and also is the trademark of Hapulico Industry JSC. The name LITEC and logo Litec already registered at INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE OF VIETNAM since 2007 and Litec is one of Vietnam Top Trademark about Lighting poles; Street LED luminaires; High Mast lighting poles; Hot-dip galvanized tapered steel poles...

Timeline of HAPULICO & LITEC

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